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company news about Do you know where the mark on the switch came from?

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China Taiyi Laser Technology Company Limited certification
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Company News
Do you know where the mark on the switch came from?
Latest company news about Do you know where the mark on the switch came from?

    Laser marking machine in the application of switch socket October 15, 2020 / laser knowledge base/triumphan laser switch socket is not only home decoration function products, but also the main component of safe electricity.Its product quality, performance and material are playing a decisive role in preventing fire and reducing loss.Many switch buttons have text or image markings on their surfaces for identification, such as exhaust fans;A lamp on the bed;And so on.For previously unmarked buttons, users will choose to find stickers or handwriting on the surface, but this method is neither beautiful nor durable.The traditional marking method is ink-jet coding method. The information of the marking is easy to fade, which causes some pollution to the environment, and the degree of anti-counterfeiting is not high.The manufacturing process of the new logo is to use laser marking machine to mark the formation of direct.Laser marking machine is the use of high-energy focused laser beam to mark the surface of various materials, so as to achieve product surface marking.In today's society with advanced technology, switch panel laser marking machine is also loved by users, especially in the hotel decoration, laser marking has more advantages.

    First of all, the laser marking machine after processing, the service life is longer, the font is longer, so don't worry.Blurred by too much touch.Compared with the traditional screen printing process, this process has certain advantages;Secondly, the processing speed, low cost.For small batch manufacturers, screen printing technology is relatively high cost, processing time is long, the need for more manpower.It is gradually replaced by ABS switch panel laser marking machine.Laser marking is a marking method which makes use of high-energy density laser to irradiate part of workpiece to make surface material vaporize or undergo chemical reaction to change color, so as to leave a permanent mark.Laser marking can produce a variety of characters, symbols, patterns, etc., the size of the text can range from millimeter to micron, has special significance for product security.In the process of laser marking, the short wavelength ultraviolet laser output energy to stimulate the photochemical reaction of the material, and ultraviolet laser to avoid ultraviolet laser due to excessive heat transfer marking: fast speed, high resolution.When processing some sensitive materials, such as plastics containing flame retardants, UV lasers can achieve high resolution marking while achieving the best surface quality and fastest processing speed.Triumphant laser UV laser marking machine beam quality is good, the focal point is very small, can achieve ultra-fine marking.Most materials can absorb ultraviolet lasers, so they have a wider range of applications.

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